Sunday, January 6, 2008

The reluctant African elephant

Forgive me, for I have sinned. I bought my daughter this PJ for yule - at the mall...
I usually don't buy clothes (we all have our issues, don't we? The clothing industry is one of mine). I hate shopping for them. Really. (Yes, I AM a woman :) ) (although, I admit, shopping for my kids is different..) And when I do, I usually go for second hand, for a number of reasons. We used to live in a students home for students with kids, where i arranged for a permanent swapping room - a room in the basement where people could leave behind stuff they didn't use anymore, and take with them things they needed. Mostly kid's clothes and stuff, but also adults clothing, books, furniture etc. It was brilliant. When we moved a year ago, I found myself at the mall buying children's clothes. Not often, but still... But I have to admit, the retro trend in kid's clothes right now is very appealing. And when I saw this PJ, I just couldn't help it. It wasn't even organic (the cheap-organic-clothes-at-the-mall trend finally hit this country too).
But somebody has to be laughing when the kid just won't wear it. After a series of 8 blurred pictures or so, trying to capture my very annoyed daughter (talked into) wearing it, I managed to get this. She made sure to lift the glass to hide her face, as she - naturally... - won't be seen wearing it.

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