Friday, February 22, 2008

I went to Winter Wonderland

Two weeks in Oslo, one week without the internet when I came home due to some technical problems, then some trouble with my arm that made computer work difficult for me. I like it when that sort of things happen. Like so many others, I tend to get lost in cyberspace a bit too often. I enjoyed the break so much, that it just might result in less blogging. Might, that is.

I stayed with a friend who lives outside of Oslo, and got to enjoy some proper winter. The snow came when I was there, and it looks like I wasn't the only one taken by surprise..

My friend has a really amazing place. This elf and moose tableau is just one of many oddities you can find in or around her house.

I even got to celebrate Imbolc/Candlemas when I was there, with ritual, wine, cheese and good company. We made and lit these candles during the ritual. I charged mine with good health!

And what I was doing in Oslo? This is a picture from my class during a break. Oh, it's hard work being a massage therapist back in school... :)

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