Friday, March 7, 2008

good things

the good thing about not knowing how to knit socks, is that you would need help from a friend, showing you how. now how can that be a good thing, you might ask.

i'll tell you. when you're waiting to see your friend - a couple of days, a whole week maybe - you can knit the other.

look what i did! i'm so proud!

now this process isn't finnished, of course. this is plant dyed yarn, bought at a viking market in denmark last summer (you can see some nice pictures of it on my other blog). the yellow/green yarn is grey wool dyed with goldenrod, and the red is dyed with madder. if you know anything about plant dyes, you will, like i was when i came across this yarn, be very impressed with the richness in the colours, especially the red. madder usually gives an orange-red colour. if you know more about plant dyes than i did when i bought this, you will know what i discovered when i started to knit with this yarn: excess colour hasn't been washed out. my hands were RED when knitting! so i'm guessing the final result will be revealed when i wash these later today :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kjempefine sokker! ...ikke vask dem sammen hvis de farger av. Plantefarger har en helt annen glød enn syntetiske farger. Kansje for at dem er netopp levende.


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