Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the sad truth

while the council of rabbits may have looked nice and cosy, the post doesn't say anything about the agenda of their meeting. a second glance, from a different angle, may give us a hint...

oh, the wails, the woes!
necks ripped open, ears all torn, tummys swollen and eyes gone. the rabbit doctor has already paid them several visits, but the diagnosis is clear - elderly and disabled and no one to take care of them in these last moments of life.
as keeper of the fields and forests these rabbits have inhabited for all of their lives, i can't have that. and what better time to make fresh and strong caretakers for these poor things than during easter?

this dusty box hasn't been out for a couple of years. bad rabbit keeper.
and look at the goodies inside!

now let's see just how fast rabbits actually do multiply. tomorrow is the spring equinox. update follows!

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