Tuesday, May 27, 2008

warming up

ever wondered why there's so few photos of my son in here?
this is why:

he's big. he's nearly twelve. so he knows.
he knows that i can not put pictures of him on the internet without his consent. so of course he doesn't consent. just because he can.
fun age, i tell you.

then this little one is much easier..

the photos are from a day trip to a local iron age/middle age event this weekend. we had a ride with a replica viking boat (i forgot to photograph the boat, but you can see it here), and my girl got to try her skills at spinning with this lovely lady who could tell us a lot about the buildings and living in the 16th and 17th century.

don't you just love that? when they actually know what they're talking about?

this woman here is making glass beads. they were quite advanced craftsworkers back in the viking age. just look at this amazing piece.
and of course, there was fighting. i find that quite boring, to be honest. but to some, this is the highlight of all viking festivals. at least, they're funny, and not the macho kind you'd expect. there's women in there too.

'warmin up' refers to us going on a bigger trip this summer, to another viking festival, where hopefully, we'll be able to partcipate as 'vikings', and even selling stuff. we'll see. so far, i haven't even been able to buy the fabric i need.
here are some photos (on my old blog) from two markets we visited last summer, in denmark and one here in town.

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