Wednesday, June 11, 2008

don't loose any more sleep...

...i've removed the easter eggs from my hanging garden. several weeks ago, as a matter of fact (let's not get into the x-mas decoration still hanging on my front door). the witch hazel (aka hanging garden/altar) is now inhabited by bees and birds, and a couple of richly ornamented fishy creatures.

i've really enjoyed this seasonal transition from spring to summer. i don't know why, but the older i get, the more important does the warmth and sun seem to me (even though i still don't like the dizziness of high summer). i've always been a fall girl, loving the chill and the moist of early fall and the october frost that signals winter approaching. and i still am, very much so. but ever so slowly, an appreciation of the warm season has crept up on me, and i almost feel that i'm being unfaithful by saying it out loud: i'm beginning to need summer. (need is even worse than like).

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