Saturday, June 14, 2008

toy week: 5

last years x-mas market at the kid's school and kindergarten made mom drool over beautiful, homemade toys. i was so looking forward to finally finding something for my daughter that i actually wanted to spend money on, and feverishly dragged her from room to room to get to the goodies before everyone else.
but the girl didn't want anything.
how about this, sweetie? just look at the gorgeous colours and embroideries! and the sweet, sweet little doll inside! isn't it beautiful?!?

how can you not want it! it's almost edible!

i guess not.
but hey, if i buy it without her knowing, and then gives it to her for x-mas, then...

but look at this one, honey, isn't it great? and come to think of it, you only have one doll bed, and it's for the bigger dolls... isn't this just perfect?!?

i guess not, again.
but hey, come x-mas, she'll love it, i'm sure!

there was one thing she'd seen and that she wanted. we spotted him in the first room we entered at the marked, but i convinced her that we would find so many other gorgeous things that we could safely leave him.
but she could not forget this little fellow...

meet mr squirrel; two hazel nuts glued together with some leather scraps and wool for tail, at the cost of 2 dollar.
and thank heaven he was still there when the market closed and my daughter was getting ready to load that look at me that would have screamed 'betrayal!' all over the school yard...

of course, she liked her x-mas gifts.
but does she play with it..?
i guess you know the answer.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I need to come to your school sales! You should see the cack that people sell here in shows like that--all acrylic yarn and googly eyes.

Wendy said...

Oh, those are so yummy!


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