Thursday, August 7, 2008

grateful friday: little helper

right now i am grateful that my daughter is taking such a big interest in all things creative, 'work' oriented. i tried to stimulate my son in that direction when he was younger, but he just wasn't interested - it almost became something negative, his surroundings wanting him to do, see, talk about etc things he himself was not interested in, even though i never felt that i pushed him. this one, on the other hand, has never been (consciously) stimulated like that - she's brimming with it from the inside out.

i tried to get some time to myself, cutting a new pair of leather viking shoes. but it's like playing solitude; you know it won't take long before someone's looking over your shoulder, eager to take over your play. annoying at first, but then, when i step back - ah. i am truly grateful for her enthusiasm.


kimberlee said...

wow how totally beautiful. do you have a pattern for these shoes? I am most interested

Laney said...

I love these shoes, thank you so much for the tutorial. Can I ask what the quilted pouch is made of? Did you make it too? the colors and design are pretty. You are so lucky to have a offspring with like interests...we should all be so blessed.

therese said...

Hi Laney, the pouch is in fact a pillow, made from old indian patchwork and embroidery. Can't take the credit for that one!


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