Sunday, September 7, 2008

now that was just plain stupid

don't get me wrong.

the fabrics are gorgous.

i mean, that's why i ordered them.
but i think i had an internet shopping fever for a couple of weeks. more bird prints have landed here, some bento accessories, and more. but i have several thrift stores where i live, i really don't need to buy fabric like this. (although i do admit that they will look great as cuffs on kid's pants).
oh well, i hope at least i supported a hard working fabric designer :)

i have several blog posts floating around in my head, but these days are just crazy - i have no time at all to spend in front of my computer. but i've found the time to photograph the improved pesant blouse. below; in the making:

and finnished, with vintage doilie:

i've cut 4 of these in different fabrics, i just don't have the time to sew them up. maybe next week. or the week after....


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter when you get to it - the fabrics will wait and they will still be beautiful when you have the time to sew them.

randi K design said...

Hei Terese!
Det jeg lurte på var hvilken plante som var brukt for å farge det garnet jeg kjøpte. Den var en veldig varm gyllen farge,helt herlig, bilde på bloggen.. Har ikke helt bestemmt meg hva jeg skal bruke garnet til, sparer litt på det..

randi K design said...

...meg igjen.
Ja den sønnen din var en heftig selger. Han viste meg alt det fine moren hans hadde laget.
Var det dere som hadde sydd den kappen som datteren min kjøpte.. Tror det. Grå med litt brodering.

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