Wednesday, February 18, 2009

and now she knits

me knitting. she looking.
long stare.
- show me.
- ahh, honey, i'm not so sure, remember last time you wanted me to teach you? you'll get to learn how to knit in the fall, at school.
searches through my knitting stash, finds her own two needles which we purchased two years ago - the last time we tried this, and repeats:
- show me.
i cast on 10 stitches, knit the first row, then, rather unenthusiastically:
- hold needles like this, yarn over your finger there, needle through here, pick up yarn, pull through and slid off.
does it. and proceeds to knit 5 rows.

two years ago she almost bit me, she got that angry and impatient when i tried to show her. bad tempered, that girl. it apparently helps turning 7.

and there's absolutely no limit to her selfconfidence (she writes, enviously); the following day:
- can i knit on the sweater you're making me?
- ahm - uh - ok..?
does it. looks good, even.

(she even inherited my 'finger-out-in-the-air-for-no-reason pose)

and even if it didn't look good, i don't think there's much she could have done to ruin that sweater. it's become rather - uhm - i think catastrophy is too strong, but somewhere along that line...


Anonymous said...

Wow! My girl is wanting to learn, also. I can't knit, but I can crochet, so I am teaching her that. I am also very afraid of her crazy temper when learning something.

formigrafisk said...

Dette er stort for henne!
Husker fremdeles jeg strikket min første bamse på skolen. Den var grønn. Husker de andre valgte "bamsefarge". Min var den eneste grønne, og jeg var stolt som en hane.
Det er synd jeg ikke vet hvor den er. Har jo tatt vare på så mye, men bamsen er forduftet.
Du får hjelpe henne og ta vare på "kreasjonene"!

Lisa said...

My 7yo wants to learn as well! I don't have a clue on how to knit, your post really inspired me though. It's funny how they change at these young ages! I'm glad your daughter is enjoying it now!


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