Friday, February 6, 2009

sweet week

the past week, we've been enjoying making sweets at home. real simple, yummy sweets. First out: ginger bread cookies (oh, you didn't hear of the 'procrastinating x-mas' competition? oh well, too late now. i won. (i even bought the dough at ikea))

then meringues, or as we call them; girls kisses:

(before cooking. they almost look like porcelain snails.)

lastly, and best - choko crisps made of cornflakes and dark chocolate. yum!


Mona said...

Mmmm!!! Du må prøve at udvide de sidste med kokosmel, sesamfrø, ristede boghvedekerner og evt rosiner. Det er så helt igennem godt!!

Unknown said...

mmm. gingerbread cookies are my favorite! One year for xmas I bought all the animal-shaped cutters I could find and then made each friend a gingerbread ark and 3 or 4 pairs of iced animals. It was so fun!
Sara in Salt Lake City


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