Friday, April 17, 2009

fridays with nick

oh, you're gonna hate me a little bit today. maybe even a lot. you see - i've cleaned every window in the house. every single one! the secret is the amazing microfiber window cloth. i'm probably the last person in the country to discover these (i'm not really that into cleaning. ahem).
if you don't feel put off by that, i can add that i've also:
- removed the big carpet in the 2.nd floor kitchen/livingroom
- pulled out the sofa to vacuum behind it
- scrubbed the floors
- put on a new/old, smaller, and easier to remove carpet
- put up 3 shelves in said room and tidied all the clutter
- washed the dishes - twice
- dusted the freaking plants (!!!!)
- had a shower
- changed the kids' bed linens, washed and hung them to dry
- popped out to the clinic and seen a client
- made dinner
- had a 10 minute nap
- emptied my knitting basket, dusted it, and organized the yarn
- and best of all, i've found a place to hang some of the lovely prints that i bought through etsy a looong time ago

i stopped my cleaning spree when i caught myself sitting on the toilet, picking up my sons dirty clothes from the bathroom floor, emptying the pockets and tossing it in the laundry basket - while peeing.

so yes, i think i deserve this invitation from nick today!


Bird Bath said...

thanks for the Nick hit!
Your cleaning spree sounds very thorough - could a small cloth inspire me to that extent I wonder? nahhh
I bet it feels good though to have everything feeling fresh.

jane said...

Haha! Great post! Thanks for visiting. I´ll add you to the list. Can´t wait to see more from your corner. Cheers!-Jane

formigrafisk said...

Det er nok godeste herr Miller på caféveggen, ja! To vegger med forfatterportrett. Mye godt selskap!

Synes det er litt gøy:
Du har fredags Nick.
Jeg har lørdagsjazz.

Fortsatt God helg!

Iris E. said...

Holy Cow, as we say in the US! Girl, you are an inspiration! Ah, clean windows feel so good, and I must look into a source for a microfiber cloth? I am in your boat and lately doing less cleaning around here, and therefore less up on housecleaning trends (did you see my post about cleaning: the 5 minute method?!).

Thanks for the image of you peeing and still picking up stuff. I frequently find discarded clothing within an arm's reach of the hamper!

You're getting me psyched about clean fever!



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