Monday, May 11, 2009

cross-cultural conversation

my post on things i've observed in blogland resulted in an ongoing email conversation with iris over at creative endeavours in a busy life (i like the way we say 'over at' - it's like a global neighbourhood). the subject is mothering in norway versus the u.s.
or, taken further, women's rights. she's put a post up based on this conversation - go read it here.
i spent several years at the university developing my interest and abilities in observing. inevitably, observing and questioning other's ways and habits makes me learn something new about my own ways and habits, whether on a cultural level or a more personal one. and i often find that what i'm left with, is a question of values; what do i, and we, as a culture, want from life and how do we get it.
i don't think neither me nor iris have concluded on anything yet - it's only observations.

thanks for the opportunity to observe a bit more of what's behind the blog screen, iris!

{observing self in mirror}


Peggy said...

You and Iris had a very interesting exchange, and I've been thinking about it a lot. Here is something from our side of the world for you to add to the mix. It might help you to see why any of us who can and want to, do stay home. One of the reasons, at least.

Visty said...

I remember you mentioning that. What's funny to me is that of all the people I have met either through blogging or in front of me, the stay at home moms who blog are still black sheep in a way. We don't really represent the typical white stay at home American mom.


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