Wednesday, June 17, 2009

corner view bergen, norway: street fashion

street fashion? street, uhm, fashion?
i knew immediately that i couldn't do this one. for one, i can't seem to keep interested in other peoples clothing long enough to think of getting a picture. the other reason is, well...
let me put it this way:
when i had my son about 13 years ago, i was so happy that by the time he would be a teenager and start caring about looks, the trend of boys showing half (or more) their butt would be long gone.
can you believe it? it's still here! they can't even walk straight, in fear of loosing their pants. luckily, that's what my son discovered when he wanted to 'look cool' too. what i see, as a massage therapist, is future clients with lumbar back pain.
there hasn't been a good looking fashion trend for young people for, i don't know, as long as i can remember. so i just try to ignore the street fashion altogether.
but a post can't be imageless, so here's some shots we took on our trip into town on constitution day.

the woman

the man

the hat
my son insisted on buying this cheap fake leather cowboy hat. naturally, it was i who ended up wearing it. grinning like a horse.

(i don't know what happened to my previous post, but the text disappeared. it was so frustrating that i didn't bother to write it up again)

perhaps some real street fashion at:
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Lisa said...

I soooo very much agree with you on the street fashion. Those huge pants are ridiculous!

I love you in the hat! Such a cute pic!

Lisa ;)

Mona said...

Dejligt at se dig med sådant et stort grin! Du ser pragtfuld ud!!
- kan det virkelig passe, at den latterlige butt showing, "jeg kan ikke løbe eller gå op af trappen uden at tabe bukserne"- mode er så gammel??? Jeg har aldrig fattet, hvad de prøver at sige: "jeg ønsker ikke at blive voksen og maskulin. Min krop skal forblive blød og baby-agtig, så jeg vil kun tage små skridt og gå meget langsomt?" - stakkels piger/kvinder!! - der bliver ikke mange mænd at vælge imellem …

jane said...

great post therese! love your sense of humor... and your hat...:) besos-jane

Di said...

I like your street style and the fact that you can wear the hat with such panache!!

kristina - no penny for them said...

great post :)

and what a cool picture of you and your son, you really did have fun that day, right?!

A Captured Reflection said...

I love your photos - so fun and creative. My son is 8 - I'm really hoping the fashion changes by then...but of course you wonder what will the next fashion wave be like.

Palmer and Co said...

You're hilarious! Oh, how the pants below the butt trend kills me!! Why? Am I really getting that old? I honestly just do not get it!

Darling photos!

Happy Day!

Francesca said...

Well, at least you have future clients, and your son is not among them!

kyndale said...

I am SO with you on the saggy pant thing. Oh my gosh, why has that not gone out of fashion. It looks so uncomfortable!!

Desiree said...

I cant believe that pants fashion its been out there for so long!
Thank you for your comment in my blog. I loved reading you... I giggled a lot!

Anonymous said...

wouhaou ! Superbes photos ! It makes me smile !

Elizabeth said...

You all look so happy!

Jeannette said...

;) The neigbour kid was a saggy pants victim for a while. He had to wear 2 pants under the baggy one to keep it up. ;)
You 3 look fab though!
Have a great week, Jeannette


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