Sunday, October 25, 2009

bloody confessions

yes, i am alive. i am fine, no, i'm actually great. i just had to have a break from my computer. from the internet. from all the lovely blogs that i spent too much time reading every day. from my camera, even. i haven't found a way to use my computer efficiently, i get lost in cyberspace. until i can manage a balance i'm on a low cyber, high real life diet. it's highly recommended! when my computer suffered a serious 'oh, i'm 3 years old and having that break down my makers programmed me, along with every other computer in the world, to have so that you can go out and spend your money on a new one and make us rich'-attack, i was actually relieved. but then my birthday was coming up - and my husband did just that; went out and spent money on a new one. i am now typing on a 26 x 17 cm bright red/floral vivienne tam designed mini computer. (the guy in the shop told my husband that i'd be sure to know who that was, as a, you know, women's thing. wink wink. right. i had to google her. but it's a beautiful computer, i'll give her that.) i feel like trying it out, hope you don't mind!

i don't have much to show for, as i've been mostly knitting and reading the last couple of months. and watching tv, something i rarely do. and here's my confession (from one pair of fangs to another); i think i might have been bitten. just a slight touch of vampire fever, nothing bad. or - is watching the same episode of true blood three times bad?? oh, please don't answer that. but that's not the real confession. since we're still at season one, and only get to see one episode a week, i had to get my vampire kicks elsewhere while waiting for the next episode. so i read the first twilight book. i saw the movie. then i read the second book. holy crap, that is some serious shitty literature. then why am i eagerly awaiting book number three to be released from the sweaty hands of god knows how many dozens of teenage girls, and get back behind the safe walls of the library so i can pick it up?!? why am i trying to figure out how to go see the second movie and still keep my dignity?

because of the sex. the sex that isn't there. that's what these books are about, really; the sex that isn't there. the torment, despair and erotic longing that comes from unfulfilled love. bella and edward can't have sex because of edward's strength; if he looses control, he might crush her. wow. now will you get down to business and have sex already?!?! then i read somewhere that stephanie meyer, the author, is a mormon and will not write about pre marital sex. seriously - do not make me read two more books (or are there more?) of this 'i can only kiss you so and so or else i will loose control and drain your blood' stuff. it embarrasses me to read it in public.

seeing what this does to me, i'd rather not think of what it does to teenage girls with sweaty hands.

right. 'nuf said. signing off now. *blush*


la ninja said...

I loved the low fiber (I mean cyber) diet bit :)

well, there seems to have been a bit of blog fatigue lately on the cyberspace and that's a good thing too, trying to act one's balance is crucial; can't I sound terribly sensible and boring sometimes?

however... watch those vampires, don't just go a-swapping one addiction for another, ha ha ha!

Visty said...

You are right, it is some SERIOUS SHITTY literature. Really, really bad. BUT. I couldn't stop reading either. I went out and bought the books because I didn't want to wait for my sister to be done with the second one.

As far as the next two books go, just remember: even mormons have sex.

Francesca said...

Therese, how I missed you, and your wit!
I read the twilight saga while visiting my sister last year: I didn't want to disappoint my nieces who'd offered me the books. All I can add is that I slept very little during those few days:)!

likeschocolate said...

Glad you are back and breaks like this are sometimes a blessing, but at the same time sorry you had computer problems. This can be really frustrating. Yes, I think the world has the Twilight fever. I have read the whole series and as Francesca said got very little sleep while reading them. In terms of fantastic literature well these books are not , but they are entertaining to say the least!

;) said...

Be able to know when you need a break is wisdom ;) I don't know these books, but, may be it's not very important ???

Nice to read you again !

Ea said...


Your blog is so beautiful! I hope you don't take too many breaks too often, because I just found your blog, and I'd like to come back to read more posts. :)

Ian said...

Whatever you do, don't read Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach.

Elizabeth said...

I've missed you and am glad you're back. No pressure, though. Your writing about those books made me laugh -- I'm not so into the vampire thing and can't bring myself to crack even one!

NeMe said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone! I work in a bookstore where this crappy vampire literature sells like crazy, and yes, I have read the first 2 books. It's like hearing really good gossip, I think that's what makes it attractive. "Omg, you mean they don't have sex?! Like... ever?" :D


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