Saturday, March 13, 2010

the inbetween days

Note to myself: don't leave daughter alone at home with her brother for more than ten minutes. She might just go outside in the cold cold winter dressed in a mini skirt, cotton tights and a piece of lace around her thigh.
And with a rooster at hand.
At least, her indoor activites are a bit more predictive.

And me?
Just fine. Actually, just arrived by train in Oslo, sitting at a cafe waiting for a friend to pick me up.
Ahead of me lies twelve days of delving into the world of massage. And maybe some blogging. I really miss Corner View!


lise said...

And I miss youre blog! Kom tilbake, therese!

Amanda said...

Adore the kiddo's outfit. Looks like something I would have worn when my mother wasn't looking, too :)

la ninja said...

a rooster is, of course, imperative when out and about in the snow.


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