Thursday, September 30, 2010

compulsive cobblestone

so, one might ask, what's the wit saving knit she's up to?
it's a cobblestone. i've nick named it the compulsive cobblestone, re my last post. i've had it planned for two years, for my husband, but was too scared to start - i've never knitted anything adult sized before. this one, i plan to have done by x-mas, as a gift. i sure hope it turns out like the picture here - isn't it great?


Bree said...

yeah.. but that might have something to do with the model...

Iris E. said...

Love that pattern. It is sure to be as handsome on your own fellow! I myself am attempting for the first time a man-sized sweater for my own husband. Will it help to tell you that I had a slight gauge miscalculation that necessitated ripping out the entire 15" of body and starting anew??? :)

Have fun with the knitting. I'm loving mine still, despite the mishap!


Mona said...

Herligt - held og lykke med det!
Når man nu har tænkt over noget i årevis, må det vel kunne lykkes?
- Jeg er stadig i gang med Durrow'en til manden min, er cirka halvvejs, og tør ikke tænke på hvor mange måneder det har taget... Og det er ovenikøbet en ret hurtig model, på pind 5. HVIS...nå nej, NÅR jeg bliver færdig håber jeg du har erfaringer med Cobblestonen som du kan dele! :)

therese said...

Pien: Naaah... You think?!? ;)

Iris: 15"!!! I would never have managed to get back on it after something like that. Impressive!

Mona: Durrow, jeg googlet den - er det den med celtic knots op ad ærmerne?? Den ser vildt svær ud!
Cobblestone er vist idiotsimpel, er jeg blevet fortalt, så den tar du på null komma null. Men ok, jeg hjælper dig om du hjælper mig med en durrow til Ove :)

Anonymous said...

Kjempefin! :)

Anne said...

I love it...:)

Im knittting a cardigan for my self at the moment....:)

Kelly said...

thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I always feel a bit scared to comment so honestly on big name blogs about something that says Americans are weird..thanks for the backup! :-) nice blog- love finding good scandinavian bloggers!

Anonymous said...

I assume the Sweater Curse doesn't apply to Norway. That's good news! I've always wanted my sweetie to make me a sweater but, alas, she's always appealed to the Sweater Curse. Socks, scarfs, and bags I receive a plenty but, alas, no sweater

(If you are unfamiliar with the Sweater Curse, see: From my limited experience with it, outside of Norway, it's a very serious curse.)


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