Tuesday, January 31, 2012

green gift

not all goals are accomplished in time. this jacket for a 3-year old i know was meant for x-mas, but didn't finnish until yesterday. i'm sure it will be appreciated anyway. 
pattern and yarn from Nøstebarn (pattern no 1921, Voksejakke - norwegian only).


Mona said...

Så fin den er!! Dejlig farve - en rigtig Therese-grøn :)
Du er altså ret heldig at have et arbejde der drejer sig om uld, garn og strikning!

Theresa said...

It's really nice!

Randi K Design said...

Love it!

Visty said...

Beautiful! I would wear that!

therese said...

Thx, sweet ppl :)

Ufa88kh said...

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