Monday, March 9, 2009

green week :: 6

green feet taking a walk down her majesty's arm.

as an avid reader of geninne's art blog, and an owner of several of her bird prints, i've been curious about her hand carved stamps. i finally got around to getting the supplies i needed - basically just a lino carver and some erasers. but a girl can't have anything to herself in this house. i left the bag'o'goodies on the sofa, and by the end of the afternoon curious, never resting little hands had dug them out. knowing that there was no use in trying to stop her, i took her to the computer and showed her geninne's excellent tutorial (scroll down for it) to let her get an idea of it. and with the very important message 'we will do this later, together', i left to do some work and when i got back she had carved every eraser in the house. and not a single one left for me! the next day i bought 4 more, only to find them carved too, before i had the chance to even think of a pattern to carve. bloody hell!

yesterday i bought 4, gave her two and hid the other two. my turn!

these are the ones she made. the 'green feet' was a ready made. notice how she wrote my name backwards to get it right when stamped? clever girl.

and this is my (only, so far) stamp - a tree. i understand why geninne says to start with an easy pattern. this was crumbling as i carved.

it's a welcome to the world card for the baby.

(about my previous post; yes, yes, my husband kept telling me it was vulgar. and i kept telling him we all need some vulgarity every once in a while.)


Mona said...

Ha, haa! Skønne datter! Det er altså sjovt; Sol har lige spurgt i dag, hvornår vi skal lave de stempler? Har købt alt udstyret for længe siden, lavet et par testere, og så kom jeg til at rydde det op - ude af øje, ude af sind. Nu må vi altså også i gang :)

Lisa said...

These are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and the link. We will for sure be doing this soon. Your name backward...very clever gal!

Anne said...

What a great idea the stamp looks great!

Unknown said...

A great idea. Love it. And the vulgar... so true, we need it once in a while...


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