Wednesday, March 11, 2009

will you look at that!

not only is the sun peeping through my window, but i won a bag!!! my first 'blog win' so far. the funny thing is that i won it from lise, who is not only norwegian, but lives virtually down the road - and i had never met her before! so when i had problems choosing which bag i wanted, she simply brought them to the local tae kwon do club, where both her and my kids go. lucky coincidences, and lucky me. sunny bag on a sunny day, and no work to do. what more can a girl want?
(ps - her label is quite good, as 'bag' is sometimes called 'nett' in norwegian. so her label is both an internet site, where she sells her bags, and a description of what she sells. clever!)


Anonymous said...

congratulations. that is a yummy beautiful sunny bag.

Anonymous said...

Nå kan våren komme, ja..! Håper du får nytte av det.


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