Friday, June 5, 2009

conversation overheard

big brother preparing a bath.
little sister comes running in.

- oooh, can i please come into the tub with you?
- no.
- oh, please, please?
- well, maybe.
- pleeeeeaaase....?
- alright, then.
- thank you, thank you so much!! i promise i won't pee in the water!!


jane said...

ha! ha! i remember those days. happy weekend!

Guusje said...

So sweet!

Francesca said...

Very sweet and funny.

Bjørk said...

Hehe :D

Traveling Mama said...

That is SO funny! Thanks for the link for the chocolate spread. We all loved it! I don't know if you saw the modified version I posted on my blog? So yummy!

Daan said...

Hahaha, great conversation!

Anonymous said...

these are the best. i will miss these conversations when my kids grow up.


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