Saturday, June 6, 2009


we grabbed our bikes again yesterday and went for a ride. we went to a local viking market, but for once, the camera stayed in my backpack for most of the time. probably because we met several friends and were engaged in conversing more than looking. i did manage to catch this little girl, though - cute as a button in her tiny viking outfit.

we came home with several jars of honey - acacia, honey with nuts, seeds and fruits, honey with apricots and cherries, spicy honey for marinade, honey with cinnamon, ginger, cacao. the beekeeper was a very nice man that came all the way from poland to sell his goods. and good it was :)


Tan Family said...

Lovely viking outfit! You live in a beautiful place. Perfect for riding bikes and enjoying the outdoors.

jane said...

sounds like a perfect day. gorgeous images! happy sunday.

Helene said...

Hordamuseet ja? Mange kjentfolk der tenker jeg. Mannen skulle egentlig dit, men så dukket det opp flere vikingske oppdrag heromkring, så dermed omprioritering :) Kjempesøt vikingjente!

Ana Cristina Abreu said...

perfect ride!!
and the little girl is so lovely!!

Visty said...

Oh my stars the red stitching on that wee Viking hood is adorable!

therese said...

helene: hordamuseet, jepp!
visty: i know! it's gorgeous.

E said...

Kjekt å se du var der!
Nydelige vikingbabyer, de blir fler og fler:)
Velkommen tilbake neste år igjen.


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