Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello, my name is....

I started this blog a while ago, without really knowing what to do with it. Meanwhile, I've had one active 'crafty' blog and a not so active writer's blog, both in my mothers tounge. Also, meanwhile, I've discovered a world of women out there in blogworld; crafty, witty, intelligent, soulful women who had an unexpected thing in common: they all cared for the environment, some way or the other. And I was amazed. Really. Women thrifting, women recycling, women making their own, women buying organic, women cooking, baking, sewing, raising children, doing what women have been doing for centuries. Makes you wonder, about a whole lot of things. To me, this way of organic/environmentally thinking and acting is not just a way to take care of planet Earth and the lives she holds, but also - and to me, more importantly - a way of connecting. Connecting to one's surroundings, the people in one's life, the plants, animals, shops, food, fabric, materials, furnitures, daily rhythms, children, bodies, thoughts, sounds, smells, the very existence of life. Connecting to oneself, and recognizing the fact that all life (including rocks, trees, bugs and moss) are not just connected, but dependant on each other (hence the blog title).
And I am amazed. I didn't know.
Well, I finally decided this would be a blog where I try to weave together the different aspects of life, of my life, in a language that makes it possible to connect with all those wonderful women out there. I don't know who will read this, or if anyone will at all, but it just might help me sort out some things for myself anyhow. This whole blog thing really makes one ponder identity questions - having defined my first blog a 'crafty blog', it felt inappropriate in an odd way to write about other, equally important, aspects of my life. I knit, yes, I'm a loving wife and mother of two and makes my daughter Waldorf dolls and my son wooden swords. But I also enjoy listening to Nick Cave's Stagger Lee. A little while ago, I learned how to crochet lace, but I also prepare feathers and bones from dead animals for shamanic and/or artistic purposes. I'm a body therapist, but I'm also a scholar of religion. I theorize around religious ritual, but I also do drum journeys. I knit baby clothes, but I'm also a former art student intrigued by the disturbing art of Marina Abramovic.
There's just so many aspects of being human, and so difficult to fit into all the neat boxes that makes organizing easy. There's humour, love, everyday life and sacredness, sexuality, irony, roughness, tenderness, sunshine and the dark side of the moon. I found blogging to be challenging to my own self perception(s). Strange? Maybe. You decide :)

Monday, May 28, 2007


I stumbled upon a terrific drawing on sew green, which kind of sums up a whole lot - in my opinion. Have a look, and see what you make of it :)


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