Thursday, April 17, 2008

first some whining, and then toy week

there hasn't been much blogging over here lately, i know. see, i've been busy not blogging (that's right!). but then, when i got tired of not blogging, my computer needed to be fixed. which meant about a week without proper internet. and now, all my stuff is gone from the computer, like the programs i need to upload and edit pictures. yes, they will be back, eventually, which is more than i can say about my feeds! they're all gone, lost in cyberspace! i can only remember the names or addresses for about half of them! oh, vey...
but anyway. as soon as i'm back on my pc-track (that didn't sound too healthy...) i'll be joining the toy week hosted by anne at green jello. i first read about it at visty's lovely blog, and it was her first post about toys that made me want to join in - i'm kind of opinionated on the topic!
i'll have to start with going away for four days, though. naturally.


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