Thursday, May 5, 2011


she loves blue. i don't. imagine the annoyance when i decided to make her a sweater from stash yarn only, and that 'only' contained a large amount of blue and only a small portion of other colours. it took me a while to like it. but i'm pleased with the result. still have enough of that blue to make her another sweater, though. 

may is here, and so is my son's big day; the rite of passage, leaving childhood behind. big family party, quite solemn the whole thing - and this mum is trying to wrap her head around unfamiliar things like damask table cloths, silver cutlery, matching napkins, candlelights and so forth. how much i didn't know! and how much i didn't care! and how much i still don't care! no, it's not true that i don't care, i just don't care for common etiquette. but i'm getting the hang of it now, i feel i'm bonding with my inner, conservative, traditionalist soul, and it's actually fun. we're doing it this way because i discovered my great grandparent's wedding table wear, inscriptions and all. i just HAD to use it, it's beautiful.  

off to do some more planning....   


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