Saturday, May 30, 2009

to add:

  • i'm now posting all our lunchbox pics on flickr. there's a link with a photo in the sidebar called 'lunch ideas', which will take you directly to that flickr set.
  • as much as i dislike answering questions and getting back to people through the comment section, i nevertheless have now started doing this. i have about four months worth of unanswered comments that gently pushes me in this direction.

we're having fantastic weather here this weekend, and are enjoying every outdoor moment of it. wishing you all a joyful weekend, wherever you may spend it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

eat, craft, give

i keep forgetting about my lunchboxes. i want to show them mainly for inspiration; i know i love to see others lunchboxes to get some new ideas! in this one, there's white rice, tandoor chicken, whole grain 'knekkebrød' (crackers) with cheese, mango chutney and a salat mix of lettuce, paprika, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.
another friend had her birthday, so a new gift was made. i knitted two cotton dish cloths, made a set of six linen napkins (stamped, like the previous gift - i got a bit hung up on these, i guess) and added a small jar of homemade chocolate spread. did she like it? yes, indeed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

corner view bergen, norway: not cityscapes

ok, so i got it all wrong. i didn't get the specifics of today's theme, so obviously, i didn't climb our highest mountain to get a good cityscape shot. instead, i thought i'd do the very first corner view theme, as i missed out on that one. so this is what my corner looks like.
i open the door, and this is what i see.

i step outside.

i climb the stairs, and am greeted by the number one enemy of our country's flora (and agriculture); the iberia forest slug (brown slug, killer slug). not native, and therefore, no natural enemies. they're everywhere, and they eat everything.
further up the stairs, a more pleasant greeting.

and right across the narrow street - our sweet neighbour's house. which, admittedly, i would rather live in. (shh - don't tell my house. she's old and fragile i might just collapse (literally!) under the weight of such unfriendly utterings.)

i turn to my old and worn house, walk back down the stairs.

(that's a pretty weird shot, isn't it? if you didn't know there was a door, i mean.)
ah, yes. if you want to see how my city looks like from a mountain top (not the highest, though), go here.

Monday, May 25, 2009


in the garden:

in the house:

Friday, May 22, 2009

i meant to buy her an apple tree for her garden...

 it was her birthday.

instead, i made her linen napkins from the remains of an old sofa cover, printed with some of my hand carved rubber stamps.
a moleskine garden diary, also printed with stamps.
a stamped card;
paper apples.

for now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

she's not lying

it's not just incredible good, but ridiculously simple to make.

my friend mona's homemade chocolate spread took me about ten minutes to make and put on jars (scroll down on her site for english). i see why she lets her 4 yo make it!

tip: you won't need the most amount of butter that she lists, and you won't need to add sugar (ahem).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

corner view bergen, norway: coffee...?

i don't drink coffee. i don't think it's good for the body, but that's not why; i just don't like it. i've tried all the varieties, because i realize how great it must be to drink yourself awake (!), but no. and until my husband went to china some years ago and came back with 2 kilos of green tea with jasmin flowers, i didn't drink tea either. he talked me into trying it for a period. as a result, my chronic sinus infection that came every winter, disappered. now i drink green tea every day throughout the cold season, and every time i feel the slightest hint of a cold approaching. it's kept me well for 3 years.

no, i'm not a dunker and i don't take sugar or anything else with my tea :)
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

national constitution day/three things

1: local celebration

2: city celebrations

the 17th of may is the day when all norwegians get quite full of their norwegianness. i've never been able to get that feeling - at least not by these celebratory means. but yesterday was different, as...
ok, i haven't really been able to get into that thing either, and haven't watched the esc since i was a kid. but now i have kids myself, and whaddayaknow. i was happy to find out that it was still as tacky as it used to be, that the music was still really awful (but let's not forget that this is where abba had their breakthrough with their winner song waterloo), and a bit sad to see the pompousness had lessened. most of all, winning the contest with a performance involving a fiddle and hallingkast (traditional norwegian dancing) the night before the 17th, actually sparked some national pride even in me. so today i was able to sing along with a bulging heart; yes, we do love this country...
if you want to see some really beautiful bunads (national costumes), go here, here, here, here and here.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

goose bumps

i just discovered a norwegian singer, ane brun. i've heard of her, but not listened to her music. she has an amazing voice! it always takes me some time to get into a musicians 'thing', so right now i'm listening to her own compositions, sorting impressions. covers are easily reckognised, though, and she does some amazing ones. like 'big in japan' - remember alphaville? well, if you know the original song, be prepared for something entirely different ( she makes it sound like a leonard cohen tune. and cyndi lauper's 'true colors' ( - amazing! when i spotted this pj harvey cover, i was sceptical. harvey is a favourite of mine, and favourites are selfdom done justice to by covers. but this one is truly beautyful. takes my mind off the big celebration tomorrow (norwegian constitution day, meaning i have to fix national costumes either too big or too small, sort through the whole house hunting for dresses, shoes, and other representative clothing. i do hate representative clothing).

Thursday, May 14, 2009

of all our hearts

hooray for you on your birthday
we want to congratulate you
we're all standing around you in a circle now
see us marching!
bowing, nodding, curtsying
circling around
dancing for you
hopping, jumping, leaping
wishing you of all our hearts
all good things
tell me; what more can you wish for?

(the norwegian birthday song)
someone had his birthday today. someone had cupcakes in bed, was treated with a massage, was served a delicious dinner, got a present and a note from an aspiring bi-linguistic daughter, and had apple cake with ice cream in the evening.
happy birthday, my love!
(do i spot some grey in that hair?)


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