Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 20: Morning greetings

Resuming my 30 days project. Our completely messed up (sleeping) couch, after spending last night watching Die Hard 4.0 with our son and his friend. I'm not really into action movies - at all - but seeing him as excited as he gets when allowed to watch this kind of movies (finally!) makes it worth it. Bruce Willis is now officially his new hero. Not sure what I think of that, but I have to admit, 5th element is a fun movie.
But look, what's that yellow stuff?

I'm knitting socks. While wathching a movie. I'm not experienced enough to watch and knit at the same time. Ahem. Don't tell my son...
If these socks ever get finnished, I'm going to bake the fattest brownie ever and eat it with my hands while wearing them. I've tried knitting socks once before, many years ago, but there were so many bad words coming out of my mouth I got scared I would stab someone with all those needles. There's, let's see, 3 too many. They're all over the knitwork trying to sabotage. But now I'm older, and more serene. Let's hope.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Green animal pants

Here's what the thrifted green damask tablecloth turned into - or some of it, that is. I still have plenty of it left to make something matching.

She loved the trousers, but try taking her picture when she's not up to it, and this is what you get. An animal, I swear. It's a wonder she hasn't been the biting type.

I went to Winter Wonderland

Two weeks in Oslo, one week without the internet when I came home due to some technical problems, then some trouble with my arm that made computer work difficult for me. I like it when that sort of things happen. Like so many others, I tend to get lost in cyberspace a bit too often. I enjoyed the break so much, that it just might result in less blogging. Might, that is.

I stayed with a friend who lives outside of Oslo, and got to enjoy some proper winter. The snow came when I was there, and it looks like I wasn't the only one taken by surprise..

My friend has a really amazing place. This elf and moose tableau is just one of many oddities you can find in or around her house.

I even got to celebrate Imbolc/Candlemas when I was there, with ritual, wine, cheese and good company. We made and lit these candles during the ritual. I charged mine with good health!

And what I was doing in Oslo? This is a picture from my class during a break. Oh, it's hard work being a massage therapist back in school... :)


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