Thursday, November 25, 2010

more for the market

a couple of crowns, some magic wands, some more snowflake dolls, one more egg baby. i think i'm done now. the market is on sunday, i won't even get to see it because i'll be on the train for the big city by then. 10 days away from home, and i really do not want to go - my head is filled with ideas for x-mas! i have to make sure i write them down before i go. i love it when my head and body is bursting with creative energy - gotta savour it, some times there's drought.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

that time of the year

when your kids are attending a waldorf school, there's one time of year that gets especially crafty - and busy! i'm talking about the x-mas fair, a long standing waldorf tradition. there's a lot of meetings, planning, and making going on. fifteen years ago, i didn't particularly like the waldorf seasonal dolls and all that goes with it; they were simply too cute. today i'm a born again waldorf toy fan, and i love making them. these days, i'm up to my neck in half finnished projects for the fair. some are getting close to finnished, though:

i've attached ribbons to some of the leaves, so that they can be hung around the neck. 
then there's the eggs we're making, i haven't been able to take any decent photos of mine so far, except the one on top her.  
the most fun part of this is finding new things to make. i'm currently working on some magic wands and seasonal dolls.

hope you're enjoying this time of year too, and don't get tied up in all the x-mas stress out there! i'm doing my best to avoid it :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the down side to compulsiveness

well, one of them, at least; the 'knitting arm'. the pain that follows three weeks of intensive knitting, and leaves you with a knitting and computer ban for weeks and weeks, as they both hurt like hell. and with that comes the shivering, the shaking, the agony and sweating of withdrawal. but there's no way around it, but to go cold turkey. 
but hey, i finnished it! in three - 3 - weeks! i have to admit, i'm rather impressed with myself. the bonus is i got rid of my facebook addiction - temporarily, at least.

i still don't know whether it will fit my husband. it's just a bit too big for me, but the he's not that big either. and knitwear is stretchy. i'll keep my finger crossed. 
and try to wait just a little bit longer before i start my next sweater project - for me, this time. 

(did i just do that? yes, i did. i erased the mess from the background in picture no 3. pathetic. hirr.)


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