Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a perfect storm?

on monday (dec 7th), 56 newspapers from 45 different countries spoke with one voice through a common editorial. that is a pretty powerful statement. the occasion was, as you probably already know, the opening of the world climate summit in copenhagen that same day.

two weeks ago, the UN had to close its accredential lists due to lack of space. the venue can only house 15 000 people and it is f u l l.
with 5000 journalists from 180 countries, the summit will be one of the biggest international media occasions ever. the developing countries are also in: several hundred journalists and filmmakers have been funded to follow the talks in situ.

still, the 5000 journalists arriving in copenhagen right now, are nothing compared to the bloggers following this event, outnumbering the journalists by the thousands, and enabling a social and emotional mobilizing we've never witnessed before. the uk paper the guardian calls this media coverage - the labours of thosands of organisations and activists - 'a perfect storm'.

the question is: will it be enough?

as the common editorial stated; the next fourteen days will seal history's judgment on this generation. but even before the summit had opened, the verdict was passed; no legally binding agreement will be signed in copenhagen. there's already talk of continued negotiations in 2010. are we witnessing the end of the world as we know it?

it really comes down to a quarrell between rich and poor. the developing countries says 'we won't cut back on our carbon emissions if the developed countries won't take the blame for our situation and cut back more'. the developed countries basically says 'fuck you. we won't cut back if you won't'. we're witnessing little boys with too big pants throwing dirt at each other in an ever shrinking playground. hold on to your hats, people. mind over matter doesn't really apply here. as has been stated over and over; this crisis is about physics, not politics. the laws of physics are not democratic nor open to compromises. will our world leaders remember this as the heat rises?

i watched the rather apocalyptic the age of stupid two nights ago. usually, i get all geared up by watching these kind of films, and try to make my own carbon footprints even smaller. but this film had me all depressed. it actually had me thinking, for the very first time, what does it matter what i do inside my own home, when we have greedy cowards for leaders? when money matters more than life? when i'm surrounded everywhere by advertising telling me to buy more stuff, spend more, need more, crave more? deserve more? because i'm fucking worth it? now who the heck came up with that nasty slogan?!?

i admit to thinking that people are basically stupid. people will always do what 'everyone else does', which is, in effect, what our leaders tells/allows us to do.
rations have worked fine during other times of crisis. how long will it take them to realize it's the only way to go now? there are thousands of people shouting 'ration me now', but instead of listening, world leaders are telling us - in various ways and with various actions - to buy. more. stuff.

i really, really, really wish these guys will get their heads out of their butts in time and act up to the men they're dressed to be.


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