Friday, May 29, 2009

eat, craft, give

i keep forgetting about my lunchboxes. i want to show them mainly for inspiration; i know i love to see others lunchboxes to get some new ideas! in this one, there's white rice, tandoor chicken, whole grain 'knekkebrød' (crackers) with cheese, mango chutney and a salat mix of lettuce, paprika, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese.
another friend had her birthday, so a new gift was made. i knitted two cotton dish cloths, made a set of six linen napkins (stamped, like the previous gift - i got a bit hung up on these, i guess) and added a small jar of homemade chocolate spread. did she like it? yes, indeed.


Guusje said...

Home made chocolate spread????? Wow, I'm digging through your posts tonight!

Love your gift!

gardenmama said...

oooh! what a lovely gift!!

jane said...

wow lunch boxes aren´t what they used to be. sounds delish! happy weekend!:)

kimberlee said...

that lunch box is really inspiring! I think I will go make dinner now!

also thanks for the link the the travel blog!. I visited and it was really nice to see pictures of where I am going.

Traveling Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!! It appeals to the very depth of my crafty soul! Do you really make your own stamps?

Anonymous said...

wow! what a great gift! and the o-bento (lunchbox in japanese) is lovely.

Iris E. said...

Can you pack my lunch? Please?
The trouble we found with the bento lunches is that it was not big enough for my big eaters. I haven't found an "adult" sized one. Do you know of a source?



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