Thursday, May 14, 2009

of all our hearts

hooray for you on your birthday
we want to congratulate you
we're all standing around you in a circle now
see us marching!
bowing, nodding, curtsying
circling around
dancing for you
hopping, jumping, leaping
wishing you of all our hearts
all good things
tell me; what more can you wish for?

(the norwegian birthday song)
someone had his birthday today. someone had cupcakes in bed, was treated with a massage, was served a delicious dinner, got a present and a note from an aspiring bi-linguistic daughter, and had apple cake with ice cream in the evening.
happy birthday, my love!
(do i spot some grey in that hair?)


Daan said...

Gefeliciteerd is how we say Happy Birthday in The Netherlands
and Hieperdepiep Hoera for HiphipHooray

Today we sang for our litte boy Wolf, i'll wisper the Norwegian song in his ear.

Visty said...

Your birthday song totally kicks our birthday song's ass. You should sing it for us and put it on your blog.

jane said...

perfect. everything looks delicious!

Victoria said...

Gratulerer med dagen :) I'm sure there is no grey hair, just a product of your imagination (thats what my husband would say at least :) )

Leciawp said...

aw happy birthday!! sweet post.

formigrafisk said...

Gratulerer på etterskudd!
- det er nok bare litt sølv som glimrer...


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