Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 15: Snow!

We woke up this morning to this; a thin layer of that cold wintery stuff you'd expect up here. Perhaps not enough to get 'Jingle Bells' stuck on your mind (and thank goodness for that), but still - wintery feeling. The photos were shot in the last bit of the twilight our, what we call 'the blue hour'. The beautiful blueness doesn't quite show in the photos. I was amazed anything would show at all, it was much darker outside than what the photos tell. The last photo is shot through the window in our entrance door. It shows a corn dolly, a red paper heart and a paper cut made by my daughter. I know we're way into january, but I don't want to remove these last solstice decorations just yet.
And the snow?
My husband took a look out the window and said 'the kids will be lucky if it stays until lunch'.
Oh, was he right.

And with that in mind, here's one for Melissas (growing) sense of snow:
Sludd: very. wet. snow. Especially when it comes sideways, whipping your face red and sore. Very common here in the western parts of Norway. Are willing to share it with the east.
Slaps: when the very. wet. snow. hits the ground and stays, often in puddles or in huge piles kindly thrown up on the pavement by the huge cars 'removing' the slaps (removing it for the cars, that is..) and making it impossible to walk in a decent way or - heaven forbid - bring a stroller (or a kid, for that matter).


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melissa said...


thank you for the glossary of snow! it's great to learn a bit more about it from a norwegian. i've already experienced some of that slap-snow with a child in a stroller!

your winter-window is so lovely.
have a great weekend!


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