Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 1: What do you see?

This post will hopefully be the first in a series of 30; one each day for 30 days. I was inspired by lost in transition by her project of documenting the ordinary in their lives; the little moments that you often do not notice, remember or wonder about. I call them the inbetweens; the moments when you're on your way from one thing to another, the moments where life is actually happening - unnoticed.
Fall is to me the time of year when I am especially reminded about the inbetweens. In the greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, Hades offers Persephone the seeds of a pomegranate to make her stay with him in the underworld during fall and winter. I relate the pomegranate to slowness, as embodied in the dark time of the year; nature's repose. Every fall I am reminded to take the apple. Eat the seeds. Slow down. Sink down, go inward, see, acknowledge, release. Fall goes inward. Goes slower. Goes closer. And winter confirms it. Be where you are, instead of lingering where you were or anticipating what's coming. Live more, long less. Dance the dance of Hades.
So while dancing the slow dance, I took this picture in (one of) my workplace(s). When I'm inside that beautiful place, I'm a massage therapist. Today was my first day at work there after the holiday. After every client, I go to the sink to wash my hands. The picture shows the 17th century wall I face when I turn away from the sink. I wonder what that has seen.

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