Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fattest brownie ever

OK, so I didn't finnish the socks.
The couple of times when I didn't understand the pattern, a friend came to help. But the last time, I needed more help the minute she walked out the door. It's a very poorely written pattern. We both agreed to that (thankfully). A pattern should be written in a way that enables the knitter to knit the subject matter without knowing how to in advance. Anything else is unfair and not healthy for one's self esteem!
But realising that I just might need a couple of stitch'n'bitch nights with some friends to get these socks done, and contemplating that it just might take some time to make that happen, I went and made the brownie anyway. One can't wait for wonders, one has to make them happen - and this brownie sure is one! Look - even my Illuminated Rumi got smeared in chocolate (NOT by me!)

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