Sunday, March 23, 2008

more eggs

what i really like about this holiday, is that it lasts for so long. we're celebrating the transition from winter to spring. it's not done in a day, not the transition nor the celebration. it's just there, ever so slow and quiet. we're allowed time to dwell upon it. and we're allowed time to gradually weave celebrations into our days, instead of getting it over with in 12 hours, like some of the other holidays observed. so just when i start thinking that 'oh no, i'm too late this year also', this huge amount of time just opens up in front of me. even this year, when the two spring markers occur so close to each other; the astronomical equinox and the cultural easter.
even so, there's plenty of time for eggs, more eggs, and then some eggs (yes, that huge thing hanging from the ceiling is also an egg - ostrich, to be eggsact) ... plus planting fast growing greens, eating them, and trying to beat your daddy in a game of chess. bare essentials, in other words.

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