Saturday, May 24, 2008

not toy week

ok, just forget about the 'week' part of toy week. i seem to have some problems blogging these days. especially the photo part of it. don't know what that's about. but i WILL get back to it.
instead, i'd like to show some photos from a trip to the museum that i made nearly two months ago with my daughter. it was her first time to this particular museum, and she loved it. and why wouldn't she? just look at that whale up in the roof!

the shark is plastic, but the whale is real enough. or was, that is.

isn't that a beautiful way to display a bird? i mean - considering it being dead, and all...

whoa! aren't you getting just a bit too close?!?

that's my pretty town out there...

and this is the square in front of the museum. the lion square, she says, named after the lion resting in front of the statue.

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