Tuesday, June 17, 2008

oh, blogspot...

...why are you doing this to me??

i realised that if i write a post and save it for later publishing, then it will be published on the date that it was written. which means, far beneath the ones that i've been posting after saving it, in betweens lots of old posts, so that no one will see it. not even me (i don't know exactly how many times i pushed the 'refresh' button yesterday, but it was quite a lot, until i realised the post was there - far down on the page i was watching). now there's two of them, disappearing ino the great blog mess.
that's just plain stupid.

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Cerwydwyn said...

You can change the date on your posts. There's a button at the bottom right of your posts when you are editing. I can't remember what it's called but 'Details' or 'Change Details' maybe? Anyway, if you click on it you can change the time stamp and the date of publication. HTH.


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