Sunday, July 13, 2008

i got mail!

from anemone (blog here), all the way from new zealand, arrived this creature...

a wabbit!

a wed wabbit!

the wabbit goes to a friends soon to come baby boy, but the collage is for me :)
sweet kimberlee at anemone also sent me an extra postcard (collage) with envelope, and had taken the time to write a letter. and look at the cute wrapping! (see the 'thanks' on the wooden peg?)

thank YOU!
i think i am about to have a serious etsy crush. i'm so fascinated with etsy that i hardly ever go there. i simply can't afford it right now (i'm not going to say much about that, except that it's bad, and has been since november. but it finally looks, this very week as a matter of fact, as if it's getting better). so ordering this was a treat, a luxury.
and what i loved about the collages, the wrapping and all, is that this is made by someone who takes repurposing seriously. i love the aesthetics of frayed, worn, stained and used, but many seem to want repurposed stuff to look almost as new. this paper was worn, and i loved it :)

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