Sunday, December 7, 2008

dec 8th

i intended to post pictures of every new addition to the winter garden, but - oh well, i've grown accustomed not sticking to plans anymore. not because i don't want to, but because i'm unable to. so there.
our little calendar has brought forth some chrystals, shells, a hare, a sheep that turned into a calf as my husband denied me to put wool on its back since it was 'so obviously a calf', a gnome, and then some. representatives of all the 'kingdoms' - or at least, we're heading there. animal, vegetable, mineral. ha!

this last addition is a cute snowflake that was new to me. a lot of small stitches, i tell you, on these waldorf figures. but my little one is in ecstacy when she finds one in one of the stockings.
the apple with candle is a remnant from my daughter's advent garden (they walk in an inwards spiral made of evergreens and light their little candle in a big candle in the middle of the spiral - quite moving. we sometimes do it at home as well, on solstice night).

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