Friday, January 30, 2009

little laura in the hood

we've been reading this; the little house in the big woods. an old copy from my own childhood. we love reading it together. she's all ears and wide eyed wonders. and now she wants one of these hoods (not sure what it's called in english):

right. just where the heck do you find a pattern for a thing like this??
(or maybe i should just stop giving her what she wants all the time. now that's a thought.)


sam said...

They're called bonnets, search for patterns they're easy to find -
try or

Rosemary said...

Yes, they are called bonnets, also "sun bonnet" also "prairie bonnet" also "slat bonnet" although the latter one is a tad bit different. They are easy to make. The "bill" is a modified half circle - two sides of fabric with a stiffener in between. The back is a gathered up circle (much larger than you'd think necessary) and the little skirt at the back is a straight piece - although there are modifications. It ties under the chin, where the brim and the skirt come together is where the ties originate.

We read these books, and my daughters HAD to have bonnets. Let me warn you that a small child, running around, wearing a bonnet is practically blind. My girls ran in to things so often - we took to folding back the brim so that they could see!

Bonnets are great fun, though.


Cindy said...

I had a bonnet like that when I was little... and read those books like crazy.

Leslie said...

oh i absolutely love a bonnet. I found this tutorial that looks pretty easy here
i think i am going to have to give one a try for myself. I love the sami hat your daughter is wearing. it is really beautiful


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