Thursday, January 8, 2009


for all our years together, my husband and i have always had animal companions in our home. he had two dogs when i met him, we picked up a cat along the way, and a giant fish tank and a snake have also passed through our house. now they're all gone due to old age, sickness and escape (guess which. the snake). since we moved here about two years ago, we've only had cobwebs to accompany us.

now this little one turns seven on sunday, and all she wants in the whole world is a cat. when i told her that a cat in this place would probably be beaten the shit out of by the neighbourhood cats, which are in the many, she promptly ordered a small kitten made out of silk. golden silk. (or paper snowflakes flying down from the ceiling, or a giant wooden rainbow to place over our wooden play castle. right.)

now how the hell do i do that? i have only made felt kittens. a silk kitten will surely be the fluffiest, fattest and most dis-shaped plushie in the world.

any pattern suggestions are heartly welcome!

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maggiegracecreates said...

Hilary at has a pinty kitty pattern under her freebie tab.

I have used her patterns and loved them. For a plushie though, I would line the silk just for stability and durability.

I found you through a link from green kitchen - now I am backtracking through your cyber world.



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