Friday, March 20, 2009

fridays with nick

to those who don't know him, i'd like to introduce the one artist i keep returning to again and again; nick cave. whether on his own with his piano, with his bands the bad seeds or the slightly rougher grinderman, even some of the birthday party (although that would be more my husbands cup of tea than mine); whether singing a melancholic love ballad or screaming his head off: i'm truly captured by his music. so i thought i'd do a 'fridays with nick' series, starting off with the more 'easy listening nick'. enjoy!
(unfortunately, warner music has done a thorough job removing or muting original soundtracks and videos from youtube, so the quality isn't always gonna be the best, i'm afraid)


Lisa said...

I had never heard of him before...he is truly lovely! Thank you for sharing him. ;)

Bird Bath said...

he is definately on the top of my list too - I will have to tune in to see the next one your list...maybe you will uncover a gem I haven't seen on you tube yet :)


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