Friday, March 13, 2009

i love my mailbox

not always, but these days, for sure!
i ordered these postcards from lovely photographer liivia in finland. look, the shoes looks 3-dimensional, as if i put them on top of the cards. i think i will have to make some kind of art with these, i don't want to send them away...
she's a fellow lover of handmade envelopes, too. look at that blonde beauty stretching out all over russia.
thank you, liivia!


Lisa said...

Wow, those shoes really do look 3-dimensional. I thought they were just placed there for the picture until you pointed out that they were part of the postcard. I would have trouble sending them away too.

Unknown said...

I love these. What great mail!

O the things you could do with those lovely little cards (:

formigrafisk said...

Hei! Ja, disse bildene hennes er helt nydelige. Liker det i trappa veldig godt. Har vært borte en stund, men må bare si: For en nydelig brudekjole du har!
Stilig grønn uke også!!


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