Saturday, March 7, 2009

new knits

{she's always so serious when modelling for me, so i tried to make her laugh}

i finnished the catastrophic sweater a little while ago. i simply repeated the stripey pattern several times to make it longer, but had i not been such a lazy knitter, i would have unraveled it and done it differently. i probably would have unraveled all (i already did re knit the sleeves); the two (!) times she has tried it on, i've heard yarn ripping.... it clearly exceeded my skill level.

i've also done some knitting for a newly arrived baby girl; a bib and a vest. the vest is knit with some wool that i plant dyed with rowan leaves a year and a half ago - actually the only piece of yarn that i've dyed all by myself. (the sticks are lavender to make it smell nice).

the baby is also getting these wonderful, soft leather mittens that i found at the thrift store.

and i've made myself a new pair of socks.


Lisa said...

Wow, you are an amazing knitter. They look so soft and cuddly! Your daughter is she around 7 or 8????

Liz said...

Wow. Your knitting looks fantastic. I have yet to lern...

Tan Family said...

Lovely knitting! I am much better at crocheting than knitting, so I'm always so impressed when someone can knit up socks. Wow!

Anonymous said...

great knits! you're really talented.


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