Monday, March 30, 2009

we went to the circus

and this is what we saw.

but that wasn't until after we'd shamefully lurked past the handfull of demonstrants outside. shamefully, because we totally agree with them: these guys do not belong in a circus:

still, we went, since i once said that my kids should experience an old fashion kind of circus at least once during their childhood years. we took our son when he was about 5. this weekend was my daughters first time. not just to see, but also to get all sticky from candy floss!


Lisa said...

Ok, my neck hurts after seeing that second photo!

Bjørk said...

Sirkus er magisk, men jeg er enig ang dyra. Visstnok tror jeg sirkus Agora...eller var det Angora... Jaja, uansett - de er nå uten dyr. Ellers synes jeg for eks hunder kan være ok - det blir jo som tjenestehunder el.l.

glasfaden said...

I can relate you. I also dislike the animals part in circus (I gave the tamers a strong look to remind them to treat them well, even if I knew, they might not see me in the dark), but it's also the experience I want to share with my boy. The same with zoos.

Anne said...

I love your photos!
looks like you had a great time. :)
I agree glasfaden too.


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