Wednesday, April 22, 2009

corner view: breakfast

the breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.
don't go back to sleep!
you must ask for what you really want.
don't go back to sleep!
people are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch;
the door is round and open.
don't go back to sleep!


from break (v.) + fast (n.). Cf. Fr. déjeuner "to breakfast," from L. dis-jejunare "to break the fast."

i prefer to break my fast when the others have left the house for school and work, and i can sit in silence.
the most common breakfast here in norway is bread or knekkebrød (literally 'breaking bread', as it is thin, hard and breaks off when you take a bite) and cow's milk, coffe or juice. the knekkebrød is often eaten with white or brown cheese (a norwegian sweet cheese). on mine this morning i had garlic cream cheese with avocado and herbs, and sliced cheese with salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and grapes. to drink; soy chocolate milk. always.

'corner view' is a wednesday theme started by jane in spain, where bloggers from around the world share photos with a related theme. last weeks theme was corner view (i missed that one), this week breakfast, next week is modes of transportation. if you want to join, sign up at jane's (the first link in the list below). others participating are:

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Anonymous said...

yummy! that sounds delicious. i absolutely adore norwegian crackers/bread. i hope you don't mind that i called them crackers. that's how they are marketed here in japan and maybe in the US too.

i've never had brown cheese, but i'd like to try sometime...especially with that bread.

Unknown said...

That looks sooooo healthy, and yet yummy.

jane said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing! Your photos look good enough to eat! Have a great day!-Jane

Ritva said...

looks very delicious!
and in silence...yes.

Bonnie said...

I know what you mean ... it's lovely to sit in silence and eat breakfast !

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog theme. Love the rumi and your breakfast looks delicious (especially if taken in silence :-).

Kari said...

Your beakfast looks great. Love the pictures especially of that soy chocolate milk.

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

i love knaekbroed! we eat that in denmark too :) and i also love brown cheese from norway. no way you'd be able to find it here in israel, but in denmark you can get it in the supermarket. your photos are lovely.

caitlin said...

That actually sounds really good. Thanks for sharing your breakfast. I'm loving how different everyone's breakfast looks! See you next week for transportation.

Carin said...

That looks so yummy!

Joyce said...

I could eat this morning, noon and night!

Elizabeth said...

lovely photos --

Erin said...

Love love love avocado!

Anonymous said...

Yummy, sulten nå!

The Girl in the Yellow Shoes said...

Fantastic photos! Looks delicious!

Palmer and Co said...

Oh, my goodness... that looks so good! I think I could eat that at breakfast, lunch and dinner!!


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