Thursday, April 16, 2009

in which i have no title

on sunday, we visited my brother, his wife and their children - 3 of my kids' 5 cousins (to say that we are a small family would be an understatement). i thought we were done with the easter candy, but my brother had arranged for a quiz with prizes - we left from there with a whole bag of leftover candy. thank goodness they're back in school with wholesome lunches, so i can eat all the candy while they're away :)

the photo turned a bit pale, but here's wholewheat couscous, organic scrambled eggs with herbes de provence, tomatoes, cucumber, organic paprika, soy sauce (in that cute little fish bottle that comes with store bought made sushi), a small slice of organic bread with organic peanutbutter, and a tiny container with nuts and dried fruits. phew. all that 'organicness' should make up for some of the candy.

here's the hankies that i sent off to robinsunne. i made her two, both from vintage pillow cases. i added a definately non organic ginger and lemon chocolate. i hope she liked it.

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Anonymous said...

great photos. and yummy lunch.


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