Friday, May 8, 2009

walk with me

the 'corner view; shopping' post made me think about my town from an outsider's perspective, and i realised that i'm not really connected to it the way i used to. it's only natural; i moved out of the town centre, had kids, then started visiting it less and less. i used to love it and i used to know every street and corner. a lot has changed since then. so, as a result of being very displeased with my corner view post, i started walking around again, seeing, looking, discovering, rediscovering. i need lots and lots of more time for that. it was fun, it was melancholic. maybe it will lead to some posts about my town - the open spaces and the dark alleys. for now, i invite you for a walk past a specific place i thought i knew well.

what you see here is the café that my friends and i used to hang out just about every afternoon and weekend back in the late 80's/early 90's. it was a place for artists, students, musicians and people from the sub cultural scene in general. i have no idea what kind of people that visits it now.
i took the photo from the tiny park across the street. the park was like an extension of the café; when it was cold and rainy, we sat inside, when it was warm and sunny, we sat in the park.

in the park there is a statue. i know, i've seen it a thousand times.

or so i thought.

but i never really saw it. probably because i didn't have children. how could i have missed this?


Anonymous said...

Love the statue! Very cool shot. :-)

Tan Family said...

Thank you for reminding us all to stop and take a closer look at everything around us. So important.

jane said...

I love seeing your town through your eyes. Can´t wait to see more. :)

Daan said...

How nice, we all should have to take closer looks!

Jeannette said...

What a wonderful statue!
Such a nice place to spend your afternoons. Looking forward to see more!
Have a great weekend, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

Oohhww...thàt statue is beautiful!!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

very pretty place

Juddie said...

So beautiful! Thank you for inviting us on your little tour!


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