Friday, July 31, 2009

viking summer, part 1

would you mind having this as the first thing you see when you open up your tent in the morning?
the viking reenactment/market we attend takes place in gudvangen, which is perhaps the most striking example of the steep-mountain-meets-narrow-fjord that norway is famous for. i'm just sorry i didn't get any better pictures of it - as a matter of fact, i'm rather disappointed with all my photos from this year, compared to the ones i took last summer.
this is a small part of the camp. there were several hundred participants. like last year, we were there with two of my friends and their families, selling our stuff and plant dyeing yarn.
the ancient, pre knitting technique of needle binding
customer with an attitude. linen shirt by me.
family at work yarn dyeing process: common madder (rubia tinctorum)
we slept in our very modern light weight nylon lavvo on the opposite side of the river from the market.
now who said camp food has to be cumbersome? my husband found some wild oregano growing up the mountainside and made the most delicious meal on our twin gas stove. so very not viking, thank goodness - i got my share of camp fire during that week.

more to follow, i have too many pics for one post - i did get some nice ones from our small hiking trips during the week.


;) said...

Magnifique et très impressionnant !!!!

Bree said...

wow that all looks really good!
i'm getting some regrets we didn't make it.....

Palmer and Co said...

Oh man, oh man does this look fun! Beautiful photos!

Francesca said...

So very interesting, and those photos are very evocative! What did you sell, linen clothings? Did you dye that beautiful yarn?

Anonymous said...

How completely wonderful! Yes, Francesca's questions! Can't wait to see more :-)

Ida/FarEastLogbook said...

Oh, the nature, the yarn, it's so beautiful!! How did you dye the yarn? I've been looking around for tutorials on how to dye yarn with natural ingredients, any recommendations?

Terri said...

Oh, that looks like such fun! I just found your blog and I love it! I've added you to my blogroll!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm curious about the needle binding technique, have you tried it? It looks fantastic.

Ana Cristina Abreu said...

this is marvelous!!!

and the view is amazing, i wouldn't mind open my eyes and see that!!


happy weekend!!

Visty said...

That picture of your little customer is hilarious! Look at his tough daddy, and the snarl on his face, and the wound from a previous scuffle on his eye....Perfect!

therese said...

franscesca: i made and sold childrens linen clothes, among other things, and my friend did the plant dyeing on site. the yarn in the photo is hers. the colours are so much more beautiful and alive than chemical dyes.
ida: i know there's a pretty good book in danish, but can't remember the title. you could ask another (danish) friend of mine who also does plant dyes, her blog is at i have done some dyes myself, and besides the plants, you'll need alun - you can get it in drug stores.
cosycactus: i learned needlebinding last year and this year i sold some wristwarmers i made. it's a slow, but fun, technique!
visty: yeah, it's a good one, isn't it. the 'wound' was actually a very pretty little heart shaped birth mark.

likeschocolate said...

The first photos remind me of where I grew up in Alaska.


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