Monday, August 3, 2009

viking summer, part 3: kids

the two youngest participants. my friend's little one on the left.
blue silk dress by me.
my friend's baby girl was a popular accessorie. late night party with live music. my girl and her best friend were having a ball.


Lisa said...

I have read all the viking summer posts so far and find myself very envious. What a beautiful way to spend time and make memories with family and friends. What a beautiful place to be.

By the way, is a free hosting site with some neat templates where you can find tabs across the top and offers better ways to organize. I haven't gotten everything moved there yet, but am in the process of doing it.

Lisa :)

Lanimoz said...

This is beautiful! It reminds me of "Faire"-time in the midwest. Lovely to be outside and "outside" of the usual rhythm of life.

Palmer and Co said...

Thanks so much for sharing this amazing trip! It truly is fascinating!

(sorry for the 50 comments in a row, I haven't been in blog land lately...)

Shaheen said...

Your photographs are beautiful, they truly do transport a person.

Anna said...

I've only had a moment to glance through your blog, and I am loving it! I'm a new mom to a scrumptious 7-month-old daughter, I love to sew, I speak a bit of Danish (hope to learn Norwegian someday) and am captivated by the Viking Summer entries. I've a fair bit of Norwegian in my blood but haven't yet gotten to Norway.

I must ask, with children how to you find yourself with time to craft, photograph, write, and mother? I'm always on the lookout for practical tips on how to do this, as I'm wishing to support us (at least somewhat) with my sewing. Maybe young babies take more than older kids?...

Thanks for doing what you do. Cheers,


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